Zeppelin Missions

Token Missions

Egg token missions are accessed by clicking on the Zeppelin that floats above your base, near the research hut.  Clicking on that will bring up the menu you see below with 3 different missions: novice, intermediate and expert from left to right (easy, medium, hard if you prefer that terminology).  Their respective reset times are 1 hour, 4 hours and 20 hours and will start to count down as soon as your tokens are collected from a successful mission.  

Egg token missions are quickly becoming one of the most critical resources in the game due to the token bottleneck that happens starting in the Sapphire dragon tier.  Learning how to optimize your time in game to defeat these token missions can help save you time, healing potions, and can help you get those last few tokens you need for your breeding event to be a success!

Basic How To:

  1. Inactivate all of your dragons except one (Level 1 Ember recommended)

  2. Speed up missions at the 1hour, 2hour and 4hr intervals respectively

  3. Attack appropriate mission bases listed on www.WDGeeks.info/farms

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