What is "Wildfire"?

Wildfire is a new type of event attack that Dragonlords can unleash upon their foes in PVP  events! Wildfire attacks can be seen on the attack screen for any PVP event. Like this!

How do I get a Wildfire Attack?

Wildfire attacks are earned by completing either Basic, Super, or Mega attacks. Just like in a War Attack, Dragon Lords earn flames based on the percentage of the base that they destroy, and the number of dragons used in the attack. Inner Fires used in the attack also count towards your flames, but a maximum of 5 flames can be earn per attack. 


When a player has earned 80 flames, they can unleash a Wildfire attack!

Do different types of attacks grant different flames?

Nope! Basic, Super, and Mega attacks all earn the same number of flames based on attack performance (mainly, how many Dragons were used to complete the attack) and the number of inner fires used for a maximum of 5 flames. 

Does it cost Energy?

A Wildfire attack costs no energy, but will consume all 80 flames in the meter. After the Wildfire attack is complete, the flame meter will be reset to 0, ready to fill up for the next Wildfire attack.

How powerful is it?

A Wildfire Attack multiplies damage by 5! For reference: A Basic Attack multiplies damage by 1 (100%), a Super Attack multiplies damage by 4, and a Mega Attack multiplies damage by 30. A Wildfire attack will be more powerful than a Super attack, but not as powerful as a Mega.

Can I earn flames for the Wildfire attack other ways?

Flames earned in event battles plus the inner fires used are the only ways the Wildfire meter can fill up and ultimately grant you a Wildfire attack!

What happens when my Wildfire meter is full?

Similar to other bonus meter features in other games, the Wildfire meter will not count any flames earned once it has filled up completely. Wildfire offers burst damage which can be useful to save for the end of rounds in Fight Pits, or other strategic scenarios. You can use your Wildfire attacks as soon as the meter fills up so future flames count towards the next one, or hold off and burst damage your enemies at the perfect time. The choice is yours!

How many Wildfire attacks can I do?

There is no limit for how many Wildfire Attacks can be unleashed in each PVP event! Be sure to use your Wildfire attack when the meter fills, as flames put towards the Wildfire meter do not transfer between PVP events.

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