The Basics

Flames, Defense Calculations,

Attacking, Rosters

Knowledge is power! The Geeks have put together information to help you understand the foundations and basics of wars. Whether you are a fresh Dragon Lord, a Leader or Officers trying to help your members understand, or a well seasoned player - you may be shocked to learn some information you didn't know, or perhaps this will simply reaffirm what you knew all along.  


Starting Out, Attacks, Development, and Defending

There are some amazing war strategies out there, such as wave attacks, but the strategies mean nothing if your whole team doesn't participate. We will walk you through the basics of not only attacking and getting your team to consistently achieve 250 flames, but we will also focus on the necessity of defending and how that can make or break a team. Are you ready to step it up?

Wave Attacks

Definition, Rationale, Strategy, Tools

Do you think your team may be ready to step it up with their war strategy? Once you have nailed down full participation of your team, with both attacking and defending, it's time to create your attack waves. The Geeks give you some basic steps to help your team take wars to the next level.

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