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Event Mechanics

The Team Gauntlet is an event of 2 phases, Treasure Hunt & Battle.  During the Treasure Hunt Phase monuments will drop chests for you to collect.  During the Battle Phase you will fight BlackBloods islands to reach Gustov as well as fight other teams to show your might.  


Individual points will be earned for Island HP defeated and Team Victory Points (VP) will be earned as a team based on the island difficulty when they are fully defeated.


Treasure Hunt Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Battle Phase Start Time: There will be an in game countdown

Battle Phase End Time: There will be an in game countdown


PvE islands are defended by the BlackBlood Armies and will need to be defeated to advance to the next island in the chain.  Progress through the higher difficulty island chains to unlock all of the islands and reach Gustov!


After a PvE island is defeated, there will be a cooldown period before the island may be attacked again. This cooldown period varies in time and is longer for higher level islands.


Every 3 hours an enemy PvP island will appear and you will have 3 hours to defeat it.  All partial HP defeated on the island is lost and zero team VP is earned if the countdown reaches zero before it’s defeated.  


There is one overarching strategy in this event with a transition period.  Understanding this basic theory and when the switch over happens will help to obtain both the most personal points as well as the most team Victory Points that your team can.


Complete the majority of PvE islands before competing in PvP islands


To understand why there are 2 mechanics that we need to understand:

  1. PvP islands earn team VP in 2 ways:

    1. Earn Static VP: If you defeat the PvP island before the timer runs out, you will earn this static VP amount regardless of if you are the first to defeat the opponent or if they defeat you first.  

    2. Steal 8% of Opponent VP: If you are the first team to defeat your opponent you will STEAL 8% of the opponents VP.  

  2. The static VP you earn is directly tied to your PvE island progression.  The further you are along the PvE islands, the more VP you will earn.


As a general rule of thumb for now, use the first half of the event to complete as much of the PvE islands as possible, then focus strictly on PvP islands for the second half.  If your team defeats the final island before the first half of the event is up, switch to PvP focus at that point.

PvE islands give you slightly less points than PvP in the short term, but if your team works together you can earn far more points in the PvP in the final stages of the event!  


Save your inner fires for end of the event PvP rounds, not only will you help your team out but you will earn more individual points!

If your opponent kills your PvP island first, keep attacking!  You can still earn static VP for defeating the island before the timer runs out!

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be Team Gauntlet.  Here are a few reminders on the event:

  • This is a combined PvE (player vs environment) and PvP (player vs player) style event.  The PvE island will always be available to be hit in sequential order, and PvP islands will be open every 4 hours.

  • PvE islands are the major focus for the first half of the event, PvP will be the major focus the second half of the event.  PvP islands will be completely skipped at first in order to further our progress in the PvE island chain.

  • Energy cost resets every 24 hours for this event. Spread out your refills as evenly as possible over the event for best value.  Depending on your energy pack and spending levels it may NOT make sense this event to use the 100 energy/10 packs offer that is available.

  • Inner Fires are used this event and will add +1 REGULAR attack worth of points to whichever style attack you use (regular, super, mega).  The % added in the points calculation will be based on the original style of attack used so you MAY NOT see +100% in the calculations, but it will still be correct.

  • Megacoins are often used in this event during the PvP section so let’s gauge enemy intent and react accordingly by swarming super attacks with inner fires


~ Message by: WarDragonGeeks

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