June 6th - September ??

28k Sigils

28k Sigils

Coatl + Cuauhtli + 22k Sigils

3.15k Sigils


Defensive Fire Rider

First page of prizes will be discounted. This page contains the shards needed to level Tanok up, but does not include his gear. His Fire Element gear is on the second page. As a reminder, Dragon Riders can go on any dragon, but their gear needs to match the element of the dragon the rider is bonded to. 

Coming Week 3

25k Sigils

Egg Token Boost

A 100% boost to breeding tokens earned from egg token missions in the zeppelin for the Springveil Season. Does not combine with Breeding Event Bonus.A 125% boost can be obtained for 6.3k sigils.

28k Sigils

28k Sigils

Zotz + Tez + 22k Sigils

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