March 7th - June 4th

28k Sigils

28k Sigils

Aibrean+ Nollaig + 22k Sigils

3.15k Sigils


The Dread Hunter

First page of prizes is be 50% off. This page contains the shards needed to level Oksana up, but does not include her gear. Her Dark Element gear is on the second page. As a reminder, Dragon Riders can go on any dragon, but their gear needs to match the element of the dragon the rider is bonded to. 

Coming Week 3

25k Sigils

Egg Token Boost

A 100% boost to breeding tokens earned from egg token missions in the zeppelin for the Springveil Season. Does not combine with Breeding Event Bonus.

28k Sigils

28k Sigils

Fomhar+ Samhrad + 22k Sigils

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