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War Participation 1.0

June 19, 2018



You have 230 flames and they have 225 - less than one hour left in war. Even though you have four people that are missing and who haven't been seen in days, you still might win this one! There is a chance.


Then you see the red war banner once, twice, three times. 


After all the hard work you put in to backup the lower levels, the multiple tries and perfect run to take down their biggest base, it all comes down to just a handful of people to lose the war for the whole team. Your team morale has plummeted and everyone is upset over the senseless loss. You know that you need a full team or you have no chance, but how do you replace so many inactive players for war without damaging the team?




Set Your Standards at Active


When it comes to finding new recruits, nothing is more important than activity. Of course every team would like the find the highest level with the best dragons for their team, but we all need to start somewhere. Until you consistently get most, if not all, of your team to participate in wars, lower your level standards and focus on getting those very active lower levels! 




Recruit in Positive Ways


Be honest when you're recruiting and remember that you're looking for the very active applicants - say as much! What does your team have to offer new recruits - from XP runs, to guides, to knowledge, to hilarity, whatever it may be. Remember to always be honest with recruiting. 

Try recruiting on Facebook groups, the War Dragons Forums, the War Dragons Official Twitter on their recruitment tweets, and in chat for the War Dragons Twitch Steams every Wednesday. The more places you recruit the better.



Formatting a recruitment mail would also be a good idea. Come up with the things that you love about your team and what you offer to other players, and send them to players in teams who are ranked lower than yours. Don't be afraid of those low levels with a lot of medals!! 

Set Participation Standards


Once you have a good set of active members that regularly hit in wars, it is time to step up your participation from "please hit" to "must hit". However, for many teams, this is just an unrealistic jump. If you say "must do war or you will be removed", you need to mean it or your word means nothing. If you cannot afford to kick a member (at the risk of dropping below 50 members), then start off a little easier.


The "Strike System" is a good start for teams looking to improve. The basic idea is that for each war (or day of wars) a player misses, they get a strike. Three strikes and you're out! Having a way for players to remove strikes by showing up for multiple days in a row is a great idea.


If you think you're past the strike system, move to an excusal system. If players let you know ahead of time they cannot make war for a day, they can be excused.


Once you're past both of these methods, go to a flat out "do your war or you're removed". Ensure that you keep people applied to your team so you can replace slackers right away! 




Be patient and be active my friends. 




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June 19, 2018

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