Runes & Glyphs

Runes and Glyphs are items that you can equip to dragons and monuments to improve them. They come in the same type of rarities that dragons do: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Each dragon and monument can have two Runes and Three Glyphs equipped at anytime. Runes can be obtained from silver chests in the armory, Glyphs can be obtained through special prizes in events. They do the same things in theory, so how do we tell the difference? 


Runes are round.

Glyphs are diamonds. 


Runes and Glyphs are so fun to see and work with to add an extra buff to your dragons and base. But how we do we get them? 

Silver Chests contain Runes.


Silver Chests are items that drop from destroyed monuments (during live events or treasure hunt periods), can be purchased for rubies, or can be obtained from season reward lines.

Runic Chests contain Runes & Glyphs.


Runic Chests are items that can only be purchased with rubies. On special weekends, Runic Chests replace Silver Chests for a short time. Any silver chests earned will be there when Runic Chests expire. Runic Chests do not drop from monuments and are not in season reward lines.. 

Seasons/Events contain Runes & Glyphs


Season dragon lines contain specific Runes and Glyphs that can be claimed with Season Sigils. Events contain Glyphs in team prizes.


You can equip runes or glyphs to any dragon and any monument around your base. They only influence the dragon they are on or the monument island they are on. For base runes and glyphs, you can move them around at anytime (unequip instead of salvage/destroy), but you cannot do the same for dragons (you can only salvage/destroy).

Some devices do not show the empty slots correctly. No matter that it shows, the top two slots are for runes only, and the bottom three slots are for glyphs only.

Each Rune or Glyph you equip must be unique. This means a different rarity, a different type (Rune vs Glyph), a different ability, a different name, or anything else to set them apart. Exact duplicates cannot be used.


"But why does the tab only say Runes?" 

In game, "Runes" can often be used as an all encompassing word to include Runes and Glyphs. 


Enhancing a rune or glyph improves the buff and costs Rune Dust. You can get Rune Dust from event and season prizes, from silver chests, and from salvaging other Runes and Glyphs. 

Enhancement Rune Dust Costs






Level 2






Level 3





Level 4




Level 5



Level 6



Some Runes are more usable than others. So how do you know what Runes to use and which ones to save? Universal dragon Runes such as Hunter Ammo, Rage, and Wisdom are usually best to save until you are very certain of the usability of the dragon you will be placing them on. Specific Runes should be used on a dragon that will not only be good, but will be with you as long as possible.


Below is a searchable list of every dragon in the game with their abilities. Simply type in the ability you're looking for to see what dragons have it. Runes and Glyphs do not add abilities, only buff currently existing or equipped abilities. Runes and Glyphs only work on the exact same spell they are named for.


ExampleIf you type the ability "Explosive Shield" into the search bar, you'll see that the best dragon with that spell is Kaiju in Platinum. This means you don't need to hold onto any Runes or Glyphs that influence that spell and should use them all on Kaiju!

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