Main Buildings

Team Meeting Hall

Basic Functions:

  • Collect Daily Egg Tokens

  • See Team Roster

  • Team Wiki

  • Leave Team

  • Team Honors

  • See Applicants (Leaders/Officers)

  • Search Teams

  • See Applications

The Team Meeting Hall is full of uses, but often times we don't fully explore it. You should click above it daily (if you're on a team) to collect your Daily Egg Tokens, of course, but beyond that many of us don't have a lot of experience with this building. 

This building houses a Team Wiki, which can be edited and built by the whole team to be a useful set of information and rules housed in game. You can also search for other teams by name and see information about your team and teammates.

From day 1, the Breeding Castle is an important cornerstone of our game. Every time you level the castle up, you can use more dragons as parents for breeding!


The "Lineage" tab shows you all dragons that can be bred in game. You can click a dragon to see some more information such as the spells and see if you have parents for the dragon. The "Breeding" tab is where the magic happens (giggity). On each side you can scroll and change the dragons you're using to breed together. It is important to know that for most breeds, you should be selecting specific parents.  The "Divine" tab is where you can see all the limited time Divine Dragons that ever entered the game. Once these dragons are gone, they can never be obtained again.

Breeding Castle

Basic Functions:

  • List of all dragons

  • Breed new dragons


  • 1 through 12


Basic Functions:

  • See eggs available to hatch

  • Hatch eggs (new dragons)

  • Use mystic fragments


  • 1 through 12

This little dragon microwave is such a big part of our game. Every time you level the incubator up, you can hatch more powerful dragon eggs!

In the incubator, you can also see your total mystic fragments and use them on any dragon egg partially completed. It is important to remember that you can use your clocks/timers on incubating dragon eggs to get that dragon sooner! 


The Dragons Den houses all your dragons when they aren't active on your roster. Here you can see every single dragon you have hatched in great detail - including a full body rotation of each dragon.

Leveling up your Den allows your dragons to become more powerful. Often times you'll hear people say they are "Den Capped" - this refers to the power cap placed by the Dragons Den. 

Dragons Den

Basic Functions:

  • Allow dragons to become more powerful 

  • View lists of all Dragons by class

  • See a full rotation of each owned dragon

  • See dragon information for each owned dragon

  • Equip dragon armor (retired)

  • Rename dragons


  • 1 through 80

Storage Hut

Basic Functions:

  • Houses all your food, wood, and gold (Atlas).

  • Houses food and wood production boosts.


  • 1 through 100

The Storage Hut has the incredibly basic yet important task of holding all of your food, wood, and gold (Atlas currency). Storage protects a small percentage of your resources while the remainder can be stolen. Also found here are wood and food production boosts which increase the rate at which your farms and mills produce food and wood while also increasing the protection by 200%.

Leveling up your Storage Hut increase the amount of resources that can be held as well as the resources that are protected. 

The Builders Hut has a very simple but key purpose - it allows you to take your defensive buildings to a higher level! This building requires both wood and extra eggs to level, which is a main reason why you cannot have a good base without dragons to go along with it.

Your builder(s) also live here. Everyone has one builder, and if you pay for an Elite Account (which we recommend you do), you get a second builder! 

Builders Hut

Basic Functions:

  • Houses the builders who upgrade towers

  • Allows towers to be built to a higher level


  • 1 through 36


Basic Functions:

  • Inventory of all your add-on spells, clocks, etc.

  • Forge items 

  • Buy additional items

  • Forge Dragon Rider Gear (Atlas)


  • 1 through 7

The Forge is a building that each Dragon Lord uses constantly (or should)! In here, you can keep track of how many add-on spells, clocks, boost, and other items you have. In addition, you can forge more of these! Leveling up the Forge increases the variety of items that can be forged. Forging takes time, but is a free action that players can do to ensure they have the items they most desire. There is a small selection of boost and clock packs players can buy for rubies as well. 

If you have Atlas, the Forge is also where you craft your Dragon Rider Gear. 

The Hall Of Research has branches of available improvements you can make for your gameplay. Research takes time and extra eggs. Keep an eye out for a clear cut guide for research by the Geeks! 

Hall of Research

Basic Functions:

  • Research improvements for attacking and defending.


  • 1 through 7

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