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Increases XP from Gold Mines


Increases gold from Gold Mines


Reduces troop training time, enfeebles primarch.


Increases daily tokens, controls shields & blockades


Increases crafting materials from events and poachers.

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The world of Atlas is made up of Regions that contain Castles connected by Chokepoints.

Region - a collection of Castles in a contiguous geographic space. Armies can move point-to-point anywhere in a region almost instantly, but cross-region travel through chokepoints takes a few minutes.

  • Regions come in levels, from 1 to 5, and are labeled using the symbols shown to the right.

  • Some Regions can be claimed (level 2-5), some cannot (Level 1 also known as Neutral, No Man's Land).

  • You cannot lose troops in level 1 Regions.

  • Each Region has an element type which allows players to earn different shards by attacking poachers.

  • No Man's Land (NML) have no elemental type themselves and will give all types of shards.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5








Castle - the nodes in each region that players can conquer by moving, stationing, and fighting with their Primarchs.

  • The castle normally refers to the collection of usually team-ownable buildings present in every Region. These sub-buildings include the HQ, Fort, Tower, Bank and Refinery.

  • Castles are the team-ownable nodes on the map. Exceptions are castles in the Safe Zones (neutral areas with level 1 castles that don’t contain Infrastructure) and No Man’s Lands (red PvP areas) whose castles cannot be conquered.

  • There are usually 2-5 Castles per Region

  • Castle Levels

    • Castles themselves have an associated level that determines the highest level their infrastructure can be upgraded to, with the exception of castles in Neutral or No Man's Lands.

    • This max level is ([Castle level] - 1) * 3. For example, a level 2 Castle's Infrastructure can be upgraded to level 3, and a level 4 castle's Infrastructure can be upgraded to level 9. 

  • Conquering a Castle

    • Taking over a castle requires destruction of all enemy Primarchs and troops on that castle.

    • Once all enemy primarchs  and troops are clear, a new option will appear when tapping on the castle that says "Conquer" which will grant ownership of the castle over to your team.

    • Once the castle is conquered, the Team Leader or Officers will have the opportunity to place default Infrastructure onto the castle (0 HQ/0 Bank/0 Fort/0 Tower/0 Refinery) or "Set up Infrastructure from Storage" from a previously lost/conquered castle.

  • Losing a Castle

    • When a castle you team owns is conquered, a couple things happen:

      • 10% of the total Infrastructure levels on the castle (rounded up) is lost. For example, if your Infrastructure is 3/2/2/1/1, one building will be selected at random and lose one level. 

      • If after the level has been deducted, and at least one Infrastructure building still has a positive level, it will go into the team's Infrastructure Storage (found in the Bank tab). This stored Infrastructure can be placed on any new castles you conquer to replace the default Infrastructure 0/0/0/0/0.

Chokepoint - a connector for travel between two different Regions.

  • Visualized as a road which connects two Castles. In the photo to the right, this is outlined by the dotted white lines.

  • Chokepoints are the only means to travel from one region to another.

  • Travel through a Chokepoint takes more time than traveling within a Region.

When traveling through chokepoints, you may see green or red circles are the ends of them. These represent Blockades. If you see a red circle, you will be delayed. If you see a green circle, you have passage to go through! More about that below.







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Each conquerable Castle contains 5 different buildings that each grant different buffs to your team when built. There are also a number of other Actions that can be performed from each Infrastructure building. Many actions can only be done by assigned Roles, Leaders, or Officers. The Leader may assign a Governor to each Castle to maintain and do all Actions. Roles may be assigned by the Governor or Team Leader and can do the actions of the specific Infrastructure they are assigned to.


  • Controlled by the Castle's Governor.
    * Be Warned: The Governor controls the castle, so if they change teams, they take ownership of that castle with them!

  • Increases the XP your team gets from attacking Gold Mines based on HQs owned and their combined level, up to a maximum of 50%.

    • Leveling up your HQs increases the amount of bonus XP

    • Up to 20 HQs will provide a buff to your bonus XP

    • Generally, leveling up the HQ provides a larger bonus than conquering an additional castle

  • Pay Castle Upkeep - Your buildings will ALL shut down for three days unless it is paid before upkeep is due.

  • Rename Castle - Pay Gold to rename your Castle. Cost increases if done too frequently.

  • Set up Infrastructure from a previously conquered Castle (more on this below).



  • Controlled by the Banker.

  • Leveling up a Bank

    • Leveling up your Bank increases the amount of bonus Gold from attacking Gold Mines.

    • Up to 20 Banks will provide a buff to your bonus Gold

    • Generally, leveling up the Bank provides a larger bonus than conquering an additional castle

  • Set Tax Rate

    • Teammates are can be taxed an amount of their Gold earned from attacking Gold Mines or Poachers.

    • This goes into the Castle's Bank Vault.

    • Tax rate is set by the Banker, Governor, Leader, or Officers and the taxes themselves get deposited to whichever castle you have set as your "Home".


  • View Ledger

    • A log of all ingoing and outgoing resource transfers from the Bank including Food, Lumber, and Gold.

    • You can view the Ledger in multiple ways, from every transfer to a weekly summary!

  • Send Resources to a Teammate

    • Distribute resources from the Bank to other teammates for whatever purpose.

    • Transfers take 20 minutes to arrive.

    • Each transfer is capped to 10% of the Bank's maximum capacity for that resource type.

    • Resource Transfers from a Bank are delayed if an enemy Primarch is present at the location of the Bank until the Primarch leaves or is destroyed.

    • Can be done by the Banker, Leader, Officers.

  • Send Resources to this Bank

    • Any player with travel access to the Castle can donate food, wood, or gold.
    • Each donation is capped to 15% of your Storage Hut's maximum capacity for that RSS type.



  • Controlled by the Scholar.

  • Reduces the amount of time it takes your team to Train Troops up to a maximum of -50%. Only the Tower Infrastructure's level directly affects this bonus, and requires multiple castles to reach the full -50%.

    • Up to 20 Towers will provide a buff to your Troop training time

    • Generally, leveling up the Tower provides a larger bonus than conquering an additional castle

  • Enfeeble enemy primarchs​

    • ​The Scholar, Governor, Leader or Officers can use this targeted ability to temporarily reduce the level of towers on an enemy player's base by selecting the enemy player's Primarch. 

    • The Tower’s Enfeeble debuff lasts 630 seconds (10.5 minutes), with a 600-second (10-minute) cooldown in between uses, so a maximum of two enemies can be debuffed at any given time, but only with 30 seconds of overlap.

    • With a level 1 Infrastructure Tower, the debuff is -8% base tower levels. Each additional Infrastructure Tower level increases the effect of the debuff by -3%.

  • Portal: Portals have been removed but we hope to see them added back soon!! 

    • The Scholar, Governor, Leader or Officers can construct a Portal at the Tower which can be used to transport teammates' Primarchs to another friendly Castle.

    • Portals are only one-way transport. You need to create a Portal for each direction.

    • Team portals are gold, while Atlas PVP portals (that anyone can use) are blue/white.

    • The number of total Troops that can travel through a Portal is 150,000 multiplied by the Tower Level.

    • Portals take time to reach the full troop capacity



  • Controlled by the Marshal.

  • The Fort is an extremely important defensive infrastructure building to have on your castle.

  • Increases the amount of Breeding Tokens earned from the daily tribute based on the number of castles your team owns and total Fort levels.

  • Shows the total number of Troops your team has stationed here in the Garrison.

  • Grants a Fort Combat Bonus that increases by +20 per Fort level. This bonus is added onto your Primarch's ATK or DEF rating when fighting at your Home castle.

  • Enables the functionality of Shields and Blockades – a Fort MUST be constructed for these to function.

    • Shields

      • These are indicated by a sparkly purple-ish dome on the Castle as shown to the left.

      • Castle shields are activated for 24 hours when a Castle's team owners suffer major Troops losses over a short period of time. There is a 3-hour cooldown in between activations. This threshold begins at 50,000 Troops for a level 1 Fort and goes UP 10,000 per level due to combat bonus (See below). 

      • While Shielded, players on the Castle cannot be attacked. It behaves like a Neutral castle for the duration.

      • When Shields activate, Blockades are disabled. Event Shields will also disable Blockades.

      • The only exception to "Shields require a constructed Fort" are PvP Event Shields, which activate on ALL castles during major PvP events in the main War Dragons game, regardless of whether or not the castle has a Fort constructed.

    • Blockades

      • These are indicated by a big red ring around the castle.

      • Blockades can be toggled on and off by the Marshal, Governor, Leader, and Officers.

      • Blockades will delay any enemy Primarchs that pass through the Castle for a minimum of 4 hours, increasing by 30 minutes per Fort level up to a maximum of 12 hours. 

      • Safe Passage

        • This can be granted to other teams by the Marshal.

        • Safe passage is indicated by a big green ring around the castle.

        • Safe Passage allows up to three teams to pass through the

                Castle without being delayed by the Blockade.



  • Increases the amount of crafting materials your team earns from Events and attacking Poachers based on refineries owned and their combined levels, up to a maximum of 1000%.

    • Leveling up your Refineries increases the amount of bonus crafting materials

    • Up to 20 Refineries will provide a buff to your bonus crafting materials

    • Generally, leveling up the Refinery provides a larger bonus than conquering an additional castle

  • The refinery bonus is element-specific, meaning you'll need different castles to earn bonuses for all element types, unless you own a castle in a high-level region that provides a bonus to all crafting materials.

  • Currently the Foreman has no active actions to perform.

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