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Event Mechanics

The Kingdom wars event is an event of 2 phases, Treasure Hunt & Battle.  During the Treasure Hunt Phase monuments will drop chests for you to collect.  During the Battle Phase you will fight BlackBloods land tiles to amass land partitions and reach Monuments as well as fight other teams to keep your land.


Individual points will be earned for each hex HP defeated and Team Victory Points (VP) will be earned as a team based on the land values you hold over periods of time.


Treasure Hunt Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Battle Phase Start Time: There will be an in game countdown

Battle Phase End Time: There will be an in game countdown


Your team will start off with a Capital as your home base on the map.  Teams will all be evenly spread out and starting Capital location is randomly selected each iteration of the event.  Capitals cannot be taken over by enemies or moved once the event is populated.


Your team will gain VP (team Victory Points) for each hex you overtake and hold per period of time.  While the VP earned states per hour, I find that the VP points are update every 15 minutes or so, so partial hourly holdings are taken into effect.


To overtake hex’s you will have to defeat a certain amount of HP that the hex holds.  The FIRST team to defeat the hex HP will be the team to take over; all teams work towards the goal in parallel and don’t work together to defeat the hex.  


You can use Regular, Super, or Mega attacks in this event, along with the new WildFire attack.  Click here to see more about the Wildfire Attack.


It is far more beneficial at the start to take new lands then to take lands from opponents and fight back and forth over them until you are cornered in with no other place to go.

  • Taking land gives you +10, +10 (yes additive so you are now at 20), +10 (total 30), etc as you keep taking.

  • Fighting over a particular square (even a monument) nets you only half of that single lands value over time instead of stacking, so 10, 0, 10, 0, 10, 0 etc (notice the no + signs here since you aren’t stacking land to your pool) for the same amount of attacking resources your team is using.

Talk to your two neighbors.

  • See if you can establish a neutral boundary area that benefits both of you guys so that you don’t have to fight the battle on all fronts and you have your sides protected.

  • Fighting over internal land between neighbors sucks and again nets you very very little points. Then both work to expand outwards and push your other opponents backwards.

Focus your attacks one square at a time.

  • With how long it takes to defeat a single tile it makes way more sense to focus all attacks/energy and get one tile and have it produce VP while you are working on the second instead of splitting them evenly and contributing 50% of your attacks towards each target.

  • With each subsequent target, it only becomes worse and worse. So get your officers to FREQUENTLY UPDATE YOUR TARGETS and let the whole team know your plans for the future in case there is someone not on to mark targets

For Leaders & Officers

Understand what will earn your team the most points and what will be obtainable for your team. Monuments are fabulous, but ensure that you are narrowing your focus and planning for the long game.

Talk to your neighbors! Fighting in 1 or two directions is better than a back and forth in every direction.

Focus attacks 1 square at a time, don’t spread out your teams attacks too much


Monuments are worth it, protect them with a 1 hex buffer if you can to defend them

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be Kingdom Wars.  Here are a few reminders on the event:

  • This is a Map Conquering event that has both PvE and PvP components.

  • Officers will mark targets for your team.

  • Energy cost resets every 24 hours for this event. Spread out your refills as evenly as possible over the event for best value

  • 70% of a bases HP defeated is a win in this event technically, but if you want to build up your WildFire you will want to try and obtain as many flames as you can by defeating 100% of the base with as few dragons as possible or use Inner Fires to boost your Wildfire Meter.

  • This event also uses Inner Fires to add one regular base attack (before super/mega multipler) to your score card.  


~ Message by: WarDragonGeeks

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