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Event Mechanics

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Event Mechanics

The KOTH is an event of 2 phases, Treasure Hunt & Battle.  During the Treasure Hunt Phase monuments will drop chests for you to collect.  During the Battle Phase you will fight other teams for control of a variety of fortresses.  Individual points will be earned for wall HP defeated and Team Victory Points (VP) will be earned as a team based on the summation of overall wall HP defeated of bases (bounty) and fortresses held for a certain duration.  The longer you hold a fortress, the more bouty it will be worth to other teams and the more VP you will earn for the team.


Treasure Hunt Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Battle Phase Start Time: There will be an in game countdown

Battle Phase End Time: There will be an in game countdown


Fortresses are originally occupied by the BlackBlood Armies and will need to be evicted.

After a fortress is captured, there will be a 60 minutes invincibility shield to allow the team to fortify the walls with barricades and earn 1 hour worth of VP.  


Fortresses are in Tiers (1 through 5) with tier 5 being the highest.  Each fortress in the same tier are equal in health, bounty and VP offered.  Tiers will offer higher bounty and VP and will start with more wall HP the higher they are ranked.


Fortresses are captured when the wall HP reaches 0hp.  There are a set of conditions to determine which team gets the fortress.  If your team has taken down 70% or more of the wall, the fortress is guaranteed to be yours.  At 69.9% or lower, there is a chance that your team will not win the fortress. The next 3 top teams with at least 5% wall HP defeated all get a % chance of winning the fortress, weighted according to the % that these (up to) 4 teams have taken down.  See the Geek Out section for further details and example calculations.

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be King of the Hill.  Here are a few reminders on the event:

  • This is a free for all style player vs player event

  • Individual points and team victory points (VP) are separate calculations

  • Officers will mark targets and barricade reinforcement locations for your team.  

  • Energy cost resets every 24 hours for this event. Spread out your refills as evenly as possible over the event for best value

  • 70% of a particular Fort’s wall HP defeated by our team is a guaranteed victory, anything less is a weighted lottery system in which we MAY NOT win the base.  We win some, we lose some, don’t get discouraged over one or two lottery losses.

  • This event works on the raid mechanic for attacks.  “Attack” for 4 energy, then “Raid” 3 times for 1/2/3 energy for a good balance of points vs time spent. Doing all of your initial 4 energy attacks and then doing all of your raids AFTER actually gives you more points

  • Siege weapons (rare, epic, legendary) can all be equipped in parallel, so for the best individual points attack and raid while these are active.  

  • The bonus meter is active in this event.  For every 1 energy you spend on an attack, +1% bonus is added to the meter for adding to all following attacks.  This meter will cap out at 75% but is reset to 0% after 30 minutes of not attacking.


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