Getting Started

Atlas is a long term game, and this means that a team's strategy needs to be thought out and well communicated ahead of time. The Geeks will walk you through the basic strategies from getting and holding your first land all the way to the politics of an alliance. Let's talk about getting started! 

Your Team Just Got Atlas what?

Find Each Other

Your team has been thrown into the chaos that is Atlas and you’re completely and utterly lost, and so is your whole team! Have no fear, it’s a lot easier to find one another and group up than you think.

In Neutral you can move and hang out freely without losing troops. Neutral territory is shown by a green handshake symbol (shown to the left). People can still attack you, but they can take nothing from you. It’s a great friendly place to hang out and group up with your team for the first time. Once you pick a castle for your team to group in, bookmark it!

Once you have bookmarked a castle, ensure that your team all meets there and practices traveling there. Each team shares a bookmark list for castles, so everyone on your team can now easily find the castle you chose! Simply click the menu, castles, bookmarks, and then the castle you'd like to see.

Build Troops

Troops are one of the most important aspects of Atlas. Think of troops as a combination of your defense power and attack energy. The more troops you have, the harder your team is to kill and thus the easier it is to defend a castle. When you eventually move to attacking and conquering yourself, more troops means you can have the means to outlast the defenders.

Troops require Farmers and Gold. Farmers regenerate for free at a rate of 1,440 per hour with a cap of 8,000. Farmers are represented by a small hat icon. Gold is obtained through attacking the invader base - Gold Mines and Poachers. You and your team should do all multipliers in Atlas from here on out.


For each 10 farmers and 1,000 gold, you can create 1 troop. Using all 8,000 farmers and 800k gold that was obtained through multipliers, you can train 800 troops. After training your 800 troops, it will take just over 5 and a half hours for your farmers to fill up to 8,000 for you to repeat this process.


If you schedule your multis and have the time to do this process twice a day, you are well on your way to becoming a master general with troops ready to fight at your disposal.​

Find a Sister Team

There are many alliances that form a complicated web in Atlas. These alliances have many teams with a plethora of rules and requirements which may be a bit much for your team starting off. If your team isn't already good friends with a team in Atlas, it may be best to start with another team you can trust. Find a sister team! 

A Sister Team will be a team you work closely with and have more than just a "we won't attack each other" relationship, but will rather have a full on helpful relationship with attacking, defending, and politics. A good Sister Team would be one of relative equal strength, organization, and one that has a desire to do well in Atlas. Share knowledge and tricks with one another and ensure communication is very clear. 

Enforce a Troop Minimum

Since troops are such a key piece of Atlas, it is important that you push your team to participate. We recommend enforcing a troop-minimum for each and every one of your players. Below is a table to help you pick numbers best suited for your team and members assuming they do not have Atlas Elite. No one knows your team as well as you do.







Average Troops Per Day





Troops Per Week





With these numbers, keep in mind the needs of building these troops a day. Building 800 troops a day is more than doable for the active member, as it only requires doing your XP multipliers in Atlas and then just using the gold you earned. However, for the teams with a bit more relaxed atmosphere, perhaps the 400 troops a day is a better starting point in case people miss a day.

For the active team, focusing on 1,200 to 1,600 troops a day will put you into a good place right away. With just a week in Neutral, you can build up 420,000 - 560,000 team troops in just that short time! 

Once you've picked the number that is best for you, set the troop minimum growth for your team. For some teams, having a more relaxed "goal" may be best, and for others having a legitimate "do this or leave" rule may be needed to stay competitive. If you pick the relaxed numbers, that means that after one week everyone should have 2,800 troops, after two weeks 5,600, three weeks 8,400, and so on. You can see troop counts in the team ledger! 

Get Level 2 Land with Sister Team

If fresh, unclaimed land is available when your team is added to Atlas, you have a better time coming since you won't have to take out another team to get it. However, if you pushed your team to build troops, you'll have an okay time still getting land. 

Why a level 2 and not higher?

Remember that Atlas is a global game now, so you're competing with teams through to Diamond. Level 4-5 lands are usually out of the question for most teams and level Level 3 can be difficult to hold onto. Go for a safe bet to let your team learn Atlas, give yourself and your other leadership time to learn how it works, ina  relatively safe land. 

It is important that you stick close to your sister team. If the land you are looking at has enough castles to allow each team to have two castles, consider sharing land! If not, get two Level 2 territories next to each other so you can better help each other. Find which castle looks to be the weakest strategically (easiest to be hit) and focus your attention there. 

Limit Glory Hunting

Once your team feels confident with the basics of Atlas, it won't be long for them to learn that "Glory" (which is the XP specific to Atlas) can be earned from killing troops. They will be eager to go earn glory to level up their first primarch, the Fighter, to level 5 so they can then research more primarchs to use. Primarchs are important, but not at the risk of your team not having enough troops to defend yourselves. So...

Set a glory hunting minimum for your team!

Tell your members that if they have X troops, they can use all but Y to hunt Glory. Let's say your minimum troops for the team is currently 20,000 troops. Set a Glory Hunting Minimum 15,000 above at 35,000 and tell your team they can use all but the required 20,000 troops to hunt Glory. This not only ensures your team will have troops to defend your castles, but it encourages people to build troops faster so they can go hunt Glory!

Get Team Gold and Build!

Now that you have land of your own, what do you do with the infrastructure? The first step is to understand the use of each piece on our Infrastructure Page. 

Before you build or level up any infrastructure, you will need to obtain gold for your banks. Each castle you own has a team bank that holds food, wood, and gold. The only way to fill your banks up is from your members. Your members can donate food and wood. Gold can be donated as well, or you can tax your members.

If you have a highly organized team and someone that is willing to track gold donations, obtaining gold though donations can be a positive for your team as the very active players won't feel as if they are carrying the team. However, if you already have enough on your plate, you can set tax per bank so that every attack your team does (as long as their "home" is set on that castle) will send a certain percentage of gold to that bank.

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