Gameplay Guides

Zeppelin Missions

Earning Egg Tokens is one of the most important aspects of War Dragons. You need to breed the best dragon army to defeat your enemies, but before you can breed the best dragons, you need to know the best way to earn the tokens. Let the Geeks show you what we've developed.


Whether you need to destroy 4 archers, 3 bases, or simply need XP, having some key bases to hit helps immensely . Let the Geeks show you the list that will change the way you see token missions.

Ruby Use Plans

Whether you are a a free player, buy elite, buy a pack every now and then, or spend as you wish - there are so many ways to play the game. We have done the research to allow you to get the best bang for your...ruby.

Looking for the Basics?

Whether it be how to defend, the basics of spell usage, or how to change your name, or anything in between, the Geeks have you covered. Head to our Gameplay Basics section to start off! 

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