Game Basics


Defending is one of the two most important aspects of this game. Knowing not only the "whats" but the "hows" of defending is key. This is especially useful for the Dragon Lord just getting serious.


From day one we all have enjoyed burning down our enemies! Click below to review the basics of attacking, from matchmaking, bookmarks, to the basic strategies behind it.

Your Base

Not entirely sure how to boost your base, use your defensive boosts, or ow to talk about your base with your teammates? Or perhaps you do already know, and just want to see if you could learn something new. Whatever your reason, the Geeks have you covered.


From what towers are what, how to upgrade, and how to move towers around or even store them - we have the basics covered in an easy set of sharable guides. Perfect for the new Dragon Lords! 

Main Island Buildings

There is a lot going on throughout your main island - from research, breeding, forging and so much more! We walk you through each building so you know exactly what is going on.

Dragon Perch

Each base can have up to three Dragon Pearches - it's important to know what dragons do, how to use them best, and all those little details.


Resources as such a key aspect to growing as a Dragon Lord. We walk you through some basic strategies and tips, remind you what certain things do and how to share those resources best! 

Runes & Glyphs

What's the difference between Runes and Glyphs?Not sure how to change runes, use that rune dust, or manage the chaos of the rune vault? Click below and get the easy guides to doing these actions in a format that easy to share with your fellow Dragon Lords! 

Settings Etc.

From submitting a ticket to the developers, accessing the game forums, changing your name, redeeming rewards, clearing your inbox, turning off the language filter, and all the other little things - we have them all explained in a simple but easy to understand format!

Roster & Riders

Curious how to change your roster around or maybe how you can have a roster smaller than designed? What about reminders on how to bond those pesky Dragon Riders to other dragons? Click below! 

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