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Event Mechanics

The Fortification Event is an event of 5 day duration in which you will obtain event points when players use lumber, shards, embers & black pearls to construct or upgrade towers on their base.  


Event Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Event End Time: The following Monday @ 6:00pm PST


All building upgrades completed within this timeframe will award points based on the following criteria:

  • 10 Wood = 1 Event Point

  • 10 Food = 1 Event Point (for mills upgrade only)

  • 1 Shard/Ember/Pearl = 20 Event Points


Figuring out which buildings to upgrade and in which order can be overwhelming so here are a few strategies we have found to be helpful:

Prepare for the Event

The week before the event starts, plan out which towers you are going to upgrade.  Use the fortification planner (find it under Tools & Links) to ensure you have the required speedups for all of the upgrades, how many levels it will add to your player level, and what new tower levels you will unlock. Don’t feel pressured into building past your comfort level. Use Red’s Dragon Check-in for a basic guideline.


Prepare the Day Of

If you will be online for the start of the event, fill your storage hut with wood from RAIDING until it is full.  Do NOT collect your mill lumber supply, you will use this as additional storage capacity. To ensure this is full for event start, you can also use a lumber production boost several hours before event starts.  This both helps to fill the storage in your mills, and it also helps to reduce the raiding amount seen by attackers. Keep in mind, that if you are raided before the event happens, they will be able to steal 100% of the lumber stored in your mills.


Be Online for the Start of the Event

Being online for the start of the event will allow you to fill your storage building ahead of time.  Use all of your saved up lumber immediately following the event start so it’s not raided, but this will always allow you to upgrade your strongest tower right at the start of the event.  Collect the lumber from your mills and this will typically almost fill up your storage again. Use a wood pack if necessary to get another large upgrade complete, or use special resources (shards, embers, pearls) as required.


Do your Biggest Upgrades Sunday

Lumber is always more readily available later in the event since your teammates will typically be running low on speedups.  Extra wood will be offered up more readily when they can’t use it so if you have a few very large upgrades that you couldn’t fit in at the very start of the event I always recommend waiting.

Bounce Lumber

Your team will be the key to success in these events.  The more your team works together, the more your team is to achieve every players goals.  Be generous with your resources whether they be raided or collected. Put on a lumber boost to help teammates out if they need it.  They will end up helping you back in return and everybody benefits.

Use Lumber Production/Protection on your storage hut to triple the amount of Lumber you can produce! It will also let you hold onto more Lumber while raiding!

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be Fortification Frenzy.  Here are a few reminders on the event:


-Don’t feel pressured into building past your comfort level. Use Red’s Dragon Check-in for a basic guideline: 

- Always have a plan for upgrades.  Best towers should usually always be priority.  Use Mechengg’s fortification event planner here: goo.go/d93zHt

- Save high timer requirement buildings for the end of the event and let them autocomplete over time

- Work with the team to bounce lumber around often to prevent it from being raided while collecting.  The lumber shortage is typically over by mid-end of the weekend so waiting for larger builds at that time may be a good strategy.


Low XP Buildings: Den, Builder Hut, Storage, Incubator, Castle, Forge, Research Hall, Totems, Farms

Low Timer Requirement Buildings: Den, Farms

High Timer Requirement Buildings: Storage, Incubator, Castle


**Ensure your incubator and castle are upgraded/upgrading to the appropriate level before breeding event.**


~ Message by: WarDragonsGeeks @

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