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Event Mechanics

The Feeding Event is an event of 5 day duration in which players obtain event points when they feed dragons both to level them up and on your dragon perches.  


Event Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Event End Time: The following Monday @ 6:00pm PST


All food spent within this timeframe will award points based on the following criteria:

  • 10 food = 1 Event Point


Figuring out what you can do for the rare Breeding Event can be overwhelming so here are a few strategies we have found to be helpful:

Prepare the Day Of

If you will be online for the start of the event, fill your storage hut with food from RAIDING until it is full.  Do NOT collect your farms food supply, you will use this as additional storage capacity. To ensure this is full for event start, you can also use a food production boost several hours before event starts.  This both helps to fill the storage in your farms, and it also helps to reduce the raiding amount seen by attackers. Keep in mind, that if you are raided before the event happens, they will be able to steal 100% of the food stored in your farms.


Be Online for the Start of the Event

Being online for the start of the event will allow you to fill your storage building ahead of time.  Use all of your saved up food immediately following the event start so it’s not raided, but this will always allow you to upgrade your strongest dragons right at the start of the event.  Collect the food from your farms and this will typically almost fill up your storage again. Use food packs if desired to get other large feeds complete, but try to leave enough food to get 4 feeds per perch in.  


Share the Food

Food shortages are extremely common during these days because everybody is able to feed tiny amounts to their perches, but you should always work together to help feed all of the Roster dragons on your team.  It may be recommended to implement an RSS priority list:

  1. Roster: These dragons are your main attackers and are the strongest dragons you have.  By leveling these, it will be easier to raid RSS to help the team

  2. Breeding: These dragons need to be fed before next event to be parents to another dragon.

  3. Event: These dragons are last priority and can be any other dragon that is not required for this event and is not part of your main raiding set.

By sharing food before feeding your own dragons your team wastes far less food to enemies raiding, get online often and simply ask to dump your food and there should almost always be a willing party to accept.

Bounce Food

Your team will be the key to success in these events.  The more your team works together, the more your team is to achieve every players goals.  Be generous with your resources whether they be raided or collected. Put on a food boost to help teammates out if they need it.  They will end up helping you back in return and everybody benefits.

Use Food Production/Protection on your storage hut to triple the amount of Food you can produce! It will also let you hold onto more Food while raiding!

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be Feeding.  Here are a few reminders on the event:

  • Perches can be fed! If we are not in war, it is acceptable to equip all of your perches with dragons to feed. This is a great way to earn your event points!

  • Feed your strongest dragons first.  Roster dragons take priority, old useless dragons will always be the last to be fed.


~ Message by: WarDragonsGeeks @ WDGeeks.info

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