Events are categorized into Major and Minor Events. Major Events disable Wars and are more attack intensive with strategies. Minor events are more passive events where timing and a strategy aren't as crucial. The Geeks have put together some simple guides to help you along your way in these events, with reminders all Dragon Lords could make use of to the basics for you new bad asses. 

These events all happen during the Seasons! To see more information on the seasons, head that way by clicking the image below:


Minor Events


The Breeding Event is an event that gives rewards based on egg tokens and mystic fragments spent. We will walk you through the basics of this event along with how you can best prepare and plan!


With rewards based on wood, food, and all premium currencies spent on leveling buildings, the Fortification Event is the time to use those carefully hoarded clocks. The Geeks will show you the subtle strategy to this popular event. 


A rare event, the Feeding Event seems very basic on the surface with rewards for feeding dragons. However, there is much more to it! We will walk you through how you can be successful in this event without holding your dragons behind! 

Major Events

The Wildfire Attack is a new system to reward active fliers. To see more information on how Wildfire attacks work, click below! 

Temple Raid

Temple Raid is the newest Major Event in War Dragons. It combines team strategy, choice, PvE, PvP, and so much more. Click below for an easy image introduction to Temple Raid!

Team Gauntlet

Team Gauntlet uses energy & inner fires to defeat both Computer Enemy Islands (controlled by Gustav) called the PvE chain, as well as other teams called the PvP islands. Click to learn more about this strategic event.

Tug of War / Capture the Flag

La la la la, Red is being lazy as fuuuuuuuuck.

Kingdom Wars

Kingdom wars is a heavily strategical event where your team captures land and monuments for Victory points. This event used energy and inner fire and the new Wildfire attack! 

Fight Pits

The Fight Pits used energy & inner fires to defeat other teams in a fight to different "pits" for higher payouts. At the end of each round, teams are moved depending on their ranking in each round. Will you be the champion?

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