A huge part of playing on a team is helping each other attack and defend. Defending a base, be it your base or a teammate's, makes a huge difference in this game. Learning how to defend will help your hold onto resources, win wars, succeed in events, and show other Dragon Lords that you protect yourself and your team. Let's begin!


Battle Room

Know the Dragon


Using Boosts

Attack Waves


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The Banners


You have the ability to defend yourself and any person on your team. When someone is under attack, a banner will appear at the top of your page. The Banner will have a symbol, text stating if it's an attack or an assist, and an x to close the banner. The symbol is tied to the color of the banner as well! For ease, we will just look at the symbol.





When you click the banner, you will have the opportunity to see the teammate being attacked (left), who is attacking them (right), how many people are already in the battle room (top), how many seconds you have to join before the defense invite disappears (bottom right), and the join button to join the defense (far right). In the short gif below, you can see the red banner come up to defend myself and all those things I described for not only myself, but for another teammate of mine being hit at the same time.

Geek Fact: Did you know each defense can have two (2) people and the base owner defending for up to three (3) defenders at a time?

The Battle Room


After you join the defense and before the attack actually begins, you will see the loading screen. This screen will show you again the player attacking and the base being attacking, but this screen will also shown you exactly who is defending and who is helping the attacker (if anyone). This is shown by the player portraits coming across the bottom of the screen.


Geek Fact: If the base owner themself is defending, their portrait will flash red!

Know the Dragon


One of the most useful things to know when defending is how to counter the dragon that is attacking! This means understanding what class it is (sorcerer, warrior, or hunter), what spells it has, what resists it has, and the tier (platinum, sapphire, etc) it is. The longer you play, the more you will start to recognize different dragons an memorize how to beat them. Until then, there is some information the game gives you. Also remember that all dragons need rage, so taking that away (using Mage towers) is a good idea.

Very briefly at the start of a run, there is a small information box that tells you details of the dragon. It will tell you the name of the dragon, the level, if it has boosts equipped, the spells available, and any additional equips.

You can also see this information attached to the dragon as it flies. Plan for the dragon. If the dragon attacking has archer resist, don't boost archers because the dragon won't be damaged very much by them. So if a dragon has ice resist, should we not boost ice turrets? No - boost away! Certain towers have non-attacking special attacks. Make sure you know what these specials are by checking out the Towers page.


How do you use these special attacks towers in the first place? Why, I am glad you asked.

Defending With Supershots


Knowing what each towers' special attack is crucial. From increased damage, to stunning a dragon, to making other towers invincible - each tower has a purpose and it is important to know what they do.


To use a tower's special, attack while defending, you simply tap the tower! When you tap the tower, it will take a short moment for the tower to "charge". Once it is charged, the tower will switch to "queued". This means that the tower is ready to use it's special attack the moment the attacking dragon gets in range.

However, you can't just keep tapping towers indefinitely throughout the run!

You have a "supershot" bar that is orange on the left hand side of your screen. Each time you tap a tower, this bar loses a portion. When you defend yourself, you start with more available and can complete research to start with even more! When you defend someone else, you start with 5 super shots.

Using Boosts!


Sometimes for the really important defenses, using supershots to charge special attacks isn't enough. That's when we turn to our defender boosts. We have an attack boost, an HP boost, and a healing boost. These are represented by a sword, a shield, and a hammer and are often called just that by the player base.


You can see these items on the left hand side of your screen while defending, along with the quantity you own. To use a defender boost, just tap the item and drag it over the area you'd like to boost.

+25% HP

+55% Attack

+45% Heal

When you click and drag a defender boost, it will show a green circle which represents the area of effect the boost will have. As you can see to the right, the boost takes a little bit of time to go into effect, so make sure you drop the boost ahead of the dragon attacking!

Towers that have a the HP boost (from the shield) will appear with a small bubble over them. Towers that have an attack boost (from the sword) will turn orange.

Geek Fact: defensive boosts make the biggest difference on the highest level towers.

Attack Waves


If the attacker has a full room, this means they have two assisting teammates to attack your base or your teammates base. The way attack waves go are: Lead, Assist 1, Lead, Assist 2, Lead. This means that potentially five dragons could fly on the base. For war, how many flames they get is dependent on the completion of the base (0-100%) as well as the number of dragons used.

Your goal as a defender is to stop as many dragons as you can. There is an exciting part about the multiple waves, though. Remember that supershot bar? Between every wave, you get 4 more supershots added to it!

Geek Fact: Did you know that you can still use your supershots between waves?

The End


At the end of the attack as a defender, you get an item for every dragon that you shoot down (kill) even if you don't win the defense. You can see these items at the end screen. If you do not shoot down a dragon, you will not see this screen or get any items at the end.

In addition to getting items, you also get a "point" towards unlocking the Water Shrine Dragon, Ryuu. Once you shoot down 20 dragons, he is available to attack twice on your roster. While this dragon is only useful at lower levels, this portion of the defending screen never goes away.

When your base has been attacked, it will flash red and your towers go from being destroyed to building themselves back up to full health. At this time, if you look at your main island (where your castle and other main buildings are), you will see the ability to click a "Defense Report".

The Defense Report will show you everything from who attacked you, what dragons they used, how many runes were on each dragon, who assisted, how much they stole from you and who came to your defense!

Defending is such a key aspect of the game. The War Dragons Geeks wish you all the luck burning down other bases, but hope your base withstands all attacks with the aid of good defenders.

Geek Fact: Tapping the image of the dragons will tell you the name of the dragon!

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