Day to Day Guide

Are you a little confused on just what to do every day in Atlas? Have no fear, the Geeks have put together an easy list/guide for you to follow in order to progress and build at a solid rate. One day soon you'll be the most powerful Dragon Lord!


If your team owns land with a Fort, you will be able to claim a daily egg token tribute! Before you can move on to the Atlas Bazaar, you must claim your tribute. The tribute is only available for 24 hours, so ensure you log in every day to claim this in the atlas screen!


One of the best aspects of Atlas is the Invader base which is a mage-free XP base owned by the computer. You can attack the Invader base by moving your Primarch to castle and selecting the Mine or Beast to attack. It is important that you do all your daily dragon multipliers in Atlas for the best use of your time. 

Once you earn 800k gold by doing your multipliers (2 full sets of multipliers or less depending on taxes set by leadership and infrastructure bonus AND Atlas Elite), it's time to take a break from multipliers until later and build some troops.

Building Troops

Troops require Farmers and Gold. Farmers regenerate for free at a rate of 1,440 per hour with a cap of 8,000. For each 10 farmers and 1,000 gold, you can create 1 troop. Using all 8,000 farmers and 800k gold that was obtained through multipliers, you can train 800 troops. 

After training your 800 troops, it will take just over 5 and a half hours for your farmers to fill up to 8,000 for you to repeat this process. If you schedule your multis and have the time to do this process twice a day, you are well on your way to becoming a master general with troops ready to fight at your disposal.


Perhaps you did a few extra runs on poachers or mines and have no farmers or bullhorns to regenerate farmers - now what? Share the wealth with your team! You can either donate to a teammate or to your team bank (if your team has one) by clicking that stronghold -> manage -> bank -> "Send Resources to this Bank". It is important to not hold onto Gold as it can all be stolen from you if someone else with Atlas attacks you in a normal attack. Helping your teammates grow helps your whole team and if your team is upgrading their infrastructure, the extra donation helps speed that process along.

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