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Event Mechanics

The Breeding Event is an event of 5 day duration in which players obtain event points when they use breeding tokens and mystic fragments to breed dragons.  


Event Start Time: Wednesday between 2:00 & 5:00 PST

Event End Time: The following Monday @ 6:00pm PST


All tokens/mystic fragments spent within this timeframe will award points based on the following criteria:

  • 20 eggs = 1 Event Point

  • 1 Mystic Fragment = 20 Event Points

  • 1500 Ruby “Breed New” = 30 Event Points  *NEVER USE THIS OPTION EVER*


Figuring out what to do to prepare for the Breeding Event can be overwhelming so here are a few strategies we have found to be helpful:

Prepare for the Event

Pick a breeding path and STICK TO IT.  Paths are to be followed directly, step by step with zero room for variation.  There may be one or two breeds that can be changed if you are an advanced user and understand the mechanics of the paths, otherwise an optimized path has already been presented for your viewing pleasure at the Geek's Breeding Guides.


Plan Your Breed

While pressing the “Breed Again” or “Breed Multiple” buttons may make this sound like an extremely easy event, balancing of token use vs mystic fragment use can land you more event points, more eggs for research/builders huts, and can help to conserve easy points for the next event.


To plan your breed first take a look at the overall amount of tokens and fragments you have.  Multiply the fragments you have by 20. Divide the Tokens by 20. Then add these numbers together.  This will equal approximately the maximum amount of event points you can obtain this event.


Next convert your mystic fragments to token equivalents by using the following chart with the breeding rarity/tier.  For single breeds vs double breeds it can be very different to compare but a skilled person could detail it out for you.


Now take a look at the breed(s) that you are looking to accomplish this event and see what is reasonable to expect.  Compare the tokens required to the amount you have, and if it’s close then you may be able to earn enough tokens to finish off the breeds during the event.  Decide how many breeds you want to do and how many tokens it will take you.


Share the Food!

Food shortages are less common these days but you should always work to help feed all of the baby dragons on your team.  It may be recommended to implement an RSS priority list:


  1. Breeding: These dragons need to be fed this event to be parents to another dragon.

  2. Roster: These dragons are your main attackers and are the strongest dragons you have.  By leveling these, it will be easier to raid RSS to help the team

  3. Last: These dragons are last priority and can be any other dragon that is not required for this event and is not part of your main raiding set.

By sharing food before feeding your own dragons your team wastes far less food to enemies raiding, get online often and simply ask to dump your food and there should almost always be a willing party to accept.

Use Food Production/Protection on your storage hut to triple the amount of Food you can produce! It will also let you hold onto more Food while raiding!

Team Mail Sample

Hi Team,


This weeks event will be Breeding.  Here are a few reminders on the event:

-Double check your castle and incubator levels before event, ideally this should have happened during fortification but knowing sooner if you are able to breed/hatch can help you adjust your strategy.


-Always follow your breeding plan. Red’s up to date plans can be found at the following link:


-Work with the team to train up your baby dragons fast. Let everybody know of your goals and TRADE runs if you need to obtain breeding level during the event to keep building.


-Make wise use of your mystic fragments.  Consider both event points AND extra eggs for your builder hut, it may actually hurt you to use too many fragments!


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