Day to Day Guide

You have what? The Geeks have written an easy guide as a first look to get you into the day to day basic functions and tasks of Atlas to progress. You'll be a pro in no time!

Currencies & Definitions

There are a lot of new currencies, symbols, and things going on in Atlas. This dictionary helps you name these while also telling you the ways these currencies and items can be used!

Locations & Infrastructure

Atlas is a massive world divided into regions and castles. There is a variety of region types and levels, as well as different infrastructure buildings that help your team.

Getting Started

Atlas is a long term game, and this means that a team's strategy needs to be thought out and well communicated ahead of time. However, with the massive beast of Atlas, where should you start? Why, right here.


Primarchs are the main "game pieces" in Atlas that carry troops, move to different locations, and give different bonuses when attacking others or defending against attacks in Atlas. Click to learn the specifics of these key Atlas pieces!

The Math

Interested in knowing just how much Glory you need to get your fighter from level 1 to level 5, or how much gold you need to level him up? The Geeks have done all the math for you, just take a look!

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