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Atlas has begun to roll out to teams in Diamond and Sapphire. Are you interested in knowing more about this dynamic new expansion to the War Dragons world? The Geeks cover everything from "what on earth do I do first" to strategies!

Tools & Links

Whether you are a young Dragon Lord or the most battle scarred flier out there, here are some tools and links for your use. Other people did the dirty work so you don't have to!  Fortification planners, dragon xp calculations, a directory to streamers and other social media accounts - we got you covered!


Fly in and explore the virtual Dragons Den, find useful runes and glyphs for your dragons, learn how to breed the best dragon army and so much more!

Getting Started

Are you a newer Dragon Lord? Fear not, we have all the answers to the questions no one has answered, you've been too afraid to ask, or you didn't even know you had! From "what do you mean I can boost my base" to "how do I find a better team" and everything in between. Trust us, we got you.

Building a Better Base

Whether you are a newer Dragon Lord looking for the perfect base building guide or an experienced flier looking for suggestions to help make your base just a little bit stronger, join the Geeks  for the base talk.

For the Leaders

Leading a team of fierce Dragon lords can be a rewarding but demanding task. Let the Geeks help you out. From wiki pages to ways to get your team to 250 flames for the first time to dealing with "that member" - we got you covered.

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